Blaine Legendary

A pure entertainer with an International sound that captivates audiences. Blaine Legendary has a demeanor like Clark Kent but a stage presence that's Superman. A Mixture of Hip Hop/Soul/R&B wrapped into one artist. From the creative storytelling to the instant hit love songs all the way back to the street elements. Blaine Legendary embodies every element of a everlasting Superstar with music that will live on forever. Come and take a journey into the mind of Blaine Legendary as he takes you on a ride painting the picture of his troubled child hood, former love stories, and hopeful beginnings .


I Love all of my fans and will never let them down.

- Blizzy



"I appreciate anyone who has ever taken the time out to listen to my music, I spill my heart into these words and cherish every supporter. The closer you listen the more you'll know about me and the more we'll grow to a better understanding of each other."

Welcome to the world of Legendary


Much love,

Blaine Legendary